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PFA - Container Wagon P

Prix ​​d'origine $106.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $106.00
Prix ​​d'origine
$106.00 - $106.00
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DRSL 92731, DRSL 92740, DRSL 92798

Spécifications :

• Modèle à l'échelle très détaillé et précis

• Pièces de détail montées en usine (conduites de frein, fers à lampe, etc.)

• Tuyauterie montée en usine

• Tampons en métal à ressort

• Sous-châssis entièrement détaillé (y compris la timonerie de frein et les cintres)

• Roues à disque à 3 trous en métal noirci de 12,6 mm sur essieux en métal, ensembles de profils RP25.110 avec dos à dos de 14,4 mm et 26 mm sur des points précis

• Poches de coupleur NEM équipées de coupleurs à verrouillage de tension étroits sur des supports flexibles pour faciliter le couplage fixe si vous le souhaitez

• Châssis moulé sous pression pour un poids idéal

• Conçu pour une conversion facile en voie à écartement EM et P4

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul S.
Great Models of Unloaded PFA Wagons

The Accurascale PFA wagon is an outstanding model of a specialty wagon in current use for nuclear traffic. The model has a good weight, is free rolling and exhibits fantastic detail. The unloaded wagons are useful to anyone modelling DRS as the wagons, designed to haul containers, are also used as spacers and can sometimes be seen in conjunction with larger wagons such as the KUAs.

Ian C.
Beautiful little wagons.

Bought as part of a bundle. Doesn't come with a load, so marginally not as good value as those with a container. However it's still an excellent runner thanks to the metal body and has very good detail and is relatively sturdy. Perfect for a small layout.

FPA set P

Great set, useful wagon set.

Ali M.
Fantastically good models

Detail in these is amazing, great runner, great for smaller layers, highly recommend


Brilliant little wagons to carry my LLW containers. A pity DRS/BNFL don't run a larger fleet!

Michael b.
I bought a Deltic 55020 and not PFA wagons

Deltic is superb not much else to say about PFA as I have not ordered any this year. Still worth 5 stars

William F.

Great wagons, reasonable price

Alexander J.C.
Cute Little Diecast Wagons

I love those little PFA wagons. I have already bought some of the DRS variety direct from Accurascale and some Gypsum wagons via Rails, and I have more DRS ones on order which I eagerly await as I write this. The PFAs are very free rolling and hold the track well, due to their diecast chassis. Despite the high level of detail and clumsy handling of my stock I have never had any problems with fragile bits breaking off. The wagons which come without containers are also useful as barrier wagons, either side of Bachmann FNA flask wagons. You can see this formation at Carlisle if the train has come from Dounreay via the Far North Line as the PFA wagons escort the FNAs for better weight distribution over the bridges in the north. The wagons which have no containers come instead with a realistic plastic webbing in place of the container, so that the base detail of the wagon is visually complete. Five stars all round, this is a wagon type which I would highly recommend.

Mark D.
PFA’s empty version

A superb addition to the Accurascale range and useful wagon for the DRS fleet to haul.

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