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PCA Bulk Cement - Castle Cement Pack K

Prix ​​d'origine $106.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $106.00
Prix ​​d'origine
$106.00 - $106.00
Prix ​​actuel $106.00
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VTG 10615, VTG 10642, VTG 74035


Caractéristiques communes :

  • Lot de trois wagons chacun avec des numéros et des détails individuels

  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes de vrais wagons pour une authenticité totale

  • Poches de coupleurs flexibles standard NEM

  • Coupleurs à verrouillage de tension étroits NEM fournis

  • Paires de roues à profil assombri RP25.110 avec 14,4 mm dos à dos et 26 mm sur des points précis

  • Roues de wagon à disque en métal sur essieux en métal - 12,6 mm

  • Conçu pour une conversion facile vers P4 et EM

  • Détails, échelles et passerelles montés en usine en acier gravé

  • Pièces en plastique extra fines ajustées en usine

  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine

  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus

  • Poids supplémentaire pour la norme NEM 25 g par essieu

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nick S.
Top end modern cement wagon

One vehicle of the triple pack arrived separated from its chassis, a simple clip fit. However, all the delicate tiny detail parts on the chassis, of which there are many, were all intact. A very high quality model with superb livery application including many different graphic elements and highly detailed under frame. And three of these for £75, fantastic value for money.

Alastair C.
PCA Castle Cement Wagons

Thoroughly impressed with the detail of the models, I can’t fault them at all!

Lloyd M.

These wagons are absolutely fantastic. Huge amounts of detail with a number of minor detail differences to packs makes for an authentic and realistic rake. I've had mine professionally weathered and they really do look the part. The price makes these an absolute bargain, particularly when compared to similar sized wagons from mainstream competitors. I'm delighted to see that new packs have been announced and look forward to adding these to my existing rake.

K R.
Awesome wagon pack

Great that Accurascale sometimes put out bundle deals on wagons. I purchased 1 such deal of these Castle Cement PCA wagons for a discounted price. Wagons are heavy with masses of separately fitted parts. Wagons look superb with wonderful details. Way above other manufacturers product releases. They come in a strong box with plastic shell inlays to keep wagons safe & secure.

Shaun B.
PCA Wagons

Superb detail on such a small wagon, purchased the castle cement bundle and will be purchasing a few more packs to add to these.

Mark D.
PCA Castle Cement

I bought a pack of these to debrand and add to a typical Scottish cement working from Dunbar. Absolutely stunning wagons with lots of fine detail - around walkways and tank tops, and underneath the detail parts and pipe runs are very well executed.

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