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JSA Bogie Covered Steel Wagon Twin Pack - British Steel 1

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Ce pack contient deux wagons, avec des capots en tôle d'acier mobiles en livrée Blue British Steel :

  • BSSP 4025
  • BSSP 4032

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Caractéristiques communes :

  • Lot de deux Wagons, chacun avec un numéro de course et une décoration individuels
  • Jauge OO / Modèles à l'échelle 1:76.2
  • Poches d'attelage standard NEM avec fonctionnalité d'attelage court "cinématique"
  • Raccords à verrouillage de tension étroits NEM fournis
  • Tampons métalliques à ressort
  • Détails ajustés en usine en métal gravé
  • Pièces en plastique extra fines ajustées en usine
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes de vrais wagons pour l'authenticité
  • Bogies BSC Axle Motion
  • Paires de roues à profil RP25.110 noirci avec des mesures dos à dos de 14,4 mm et 26 mm sur des points précis
  • Conçu pour une conversion facile aux jauges EM et P4
  • Les wagons ont une longueur de 166 mm au-dessus des tampons

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Recreating the 90’s

Lots of memories of these in south wales, pairs of 37’s. These wagons are so detailed it looks like the handle on the side will actually work. Solid heavy chassis handles track well. I do recommend these, in 6’s on my layout.

Kevin C.
British Steel Coil Carrier

I bought a pack of these wagons and as usual they are up to Accurascale's normal high standards. They run very well even on my less than perfect track !!
The detail is excellent the paint is very well applied as well as the information panels. There are lots of little detail parts so be a little careful when handling them but they do look very impressive.
I will be running these as part of an Enterprise service and they look very good with the Cargowagons I have.

Chris U.
JSA Steel Coil Carrier

Bought a pair of these last week, quick delivery however however wagons did arrive damaged with lots of small pieces in the box loose. Sent the model back which was nice and easy and now waiting for the replacement.

John G.
JSA Wagons

Yet another fantastic model from the gents at Accurascale.
Superb detail, exquisite finish, superb runner.
Thank you.

Ian l.
jsa bogie covered steel wagon twin pack British steel

excellent quality right down to the little latches for the hoods unsure what the little strips of loose plastic inside are for

Simon B.
A wagon I never thought I'd see

I've always found these wagons interesting from when I first saw them working into Wolves New Depot, so too say I was gob smacked when Accurascale announced them is an accurate statement. I've got two in British steel livery ,and they are very finely detailed models that are outstanding.

VC's 0.R.

Superbly detailed JSA telescopic steel coil wagons. A difficult compromise between achieving accuracy and a robust model. The model has many very fine parts, numerous grab handles that are prone to fall off when the model is handled. Livery application is excellent and tampo printing sharp and clear
A difficult model to produce, a good effort from Accurascale

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