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HYA Bogie Hopper Wagon - Fastline Freight / GE - Twin Pack 2

Prix ​​d'origine $113.00
Prix ​​d'origine $113.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $113.00
Prix ​​d'origine $113.00
Prix ​​actuel $91.00
$91.00 - $91.00
Prix ​​actuel $91.00
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Ce pack contient deux wagons
HYA non peint avec les logos Fastline Freight et GE

  • 37 70 6791 019-2
  • 37 70 6791 037-4

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Caractéristiques communes :

  • Pack de deux Wagons, chacun avec un numéro de course et une décoration individuels
  • Jauge OO très détaillée / Modèles à l'échelle 1: 76,2 sur piste de 16,5 mm
  • Poches d'attelage standard NEM avec fonctionnalité d'attelage court "cinématique"
  • Attaches à verrouillage de tension étroites NEM à la bonne hauteur
  • Amortisseurs à ressort et coupleurs à vis factices
  • Détails ajustés en usine en métal gravé
  • Pièces en plastique extra fines montées en usine, y compris les tuyaux d'air, le volant de frein, les leviers, les supports de commande de la trémie
  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes de vrais wagons pour l'authenticité
  • Bogies TF25 à faible force de chenille très détaillés avec patins de frein alignés avec les roues et mâchoires de frein et régleur de frein séparés
  • Paire de roues à profil RP25.110 noirci avec des mesures dos à dos de 14,4 mm et 26 mm sur des points précis
  • Les wagons mesurent 240 mm hors tampons et pèsent 160 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Probably some of the best rolling stock on the market, can’t wait for the next run

Probably some of the best rolling stock on the market, can’t wait for the next run

Luke P.
My Fastline 66 is delighted!

Having been waiting hopelessly for years for Bachmann to retool their HTA into a HYA, Accurascale have come to the rescue!

I grabbed myself an absolute bargain!

Order placed, packed, in the post and delivered in lightning speed considering the same warehouse are shipping out the Mk5s en-mass!

The wagons are spot on. Crisp livery, crisp weld joins, every warning sticker and label in the correct positions. A quality wagon at an affordable price!


Fantastically produced models

Peter C.
A 1st Class piece of engineering .

A 1st Class piece of engineering as we expect from Accurascale. Nothing left out or to do.

Kevin C.
I grabbed a bargain

After receiving an e-mail that these wagons were on offer I put an order in as I could run them with my Fastline Freight Class 59 pending getting the Class 66 that usually pulled them. A very quick delivery by DHL and I was opening the box to find a very well detailed pair of wagons with the usual high quality printing where each time you look you see something extra .
The thing I like about Accurascale wagons is they run well on my less than perfectly laid track !!
I was so impresses that with the discounted price and my loyalty points I bought another pack .

Lee D.
Whopper Hoppers...😁

Purchased on a Black Friday deal, and as with all the Accurascale items I have purchased, excellent value for money made even better by knocking some £££'s off.!! 🤩

HYA Bogie Hopper Wagon - Fastline

Once again a lovely big wagon from Accurascale. Beautifully detailed and well assembled. I did slightly file back the detail on either end of the hopper underside in order to allow the bogies to fully swivel, but this was only a couple of minutes work on each pack and it will avoid problems with smaller radius curves in the future. The slight loss of detail is not noticeable as you don't normally view the underside of these wagons and survive.

I would recommend these wagons highly and I know that I have bought too many of them already. I can't wait to see what next year brings from Accurascale.

Kristian L.
Great wagons

Brilliant detail, got money off as bought part of a bundle and free postage (plus earned cashback!)

Shane B.
Model of perfection

A nice little model of perfection, captures the look of the real thing perfectly

Reviewer avatar
HYA Aggregate Wagons Pack 2.

Accurascale have done it again by producing an intricately detailed item for the Touax, Fastline and GBRF brands in the HYA Wagon format. The amazing details on these are outstanding and the printing is a damn near to perfection on any 00-gauge rolling stock. The manufacturer keeps going that little bit further than Bachmann, Heljan, Hornby or Dapol have produced these last few years. It looks like Accurascale used the time during the lockdowns to hone into the limits that they can squeeze out of a model during the R&D to CAD stages and worked hard to make the finest of delicate details they could on these wagons. This work has paid off and should be a sellout quickly and have a possible re-run by the end of the year.

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