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Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 - Highlander Pack 3 - Inverness

Prix ​​d'origine $271.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $271.00
Prix ​​d'origine
$271.00 - $271.00
Prix ​​actuel $271.00
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Ce pack de quatre coachs comprend :

Voiture couchette standard 15305
Voiture couchette standard 15315
Voiture couchette standard 15327Voiture couchette standard 15335

Veuillez noter : Les photos sont des échantillons décorés et tout en affichant les détails et la marque par entraîneur, ne correspondent pas aux numéros de course et peuvent être sous réserve d'améliorations et de modifications mineures avant la livraison.

Caractéristiques communes :

  • Modèle de jauge OO très détaillé, échelle 1:76,2 sur piste de 16,5 mm

  • Détails spécifiques à l'entraîneur, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter :
    • Pièces de détail en métal gravé appliquées séparément et en plastique haute fidélité, y compris les mains courantes, les tuyaux de frein

    • Douilles d'accouplement standard NEM avec mini-coupleurs à verrouillage de tension avec système d'accouplement rapproché Kinematic et barres d'accouplement rapproché fournies

    • Vitrage sans prisme

    • Sous-châssis entièrement détaillé

    • Intérieurs précis entièrement détaillés et peints/imprimés

  • Pack d'éclairage entièrement détaillé, comprenant :

    • Éclairage directionnel, DC et DCC (remorque motrice uniquement)

    • Éclairage intérieur de l'autocar avec batterie de condensateurs Stay-Alive

    • Éclairage intérieur activé par baguette magnétique (capteur de piste)
  • Roues RP25-110 Roues OO avec possibilité de recalibrage à p4 et écartement EM

  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus, le cas échéant

  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine

  • Rayon minimum 438 mm (2e rayon réglé sur la voie)

  • Longueur de l'entraîneur : 289 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Fantastic level to detail and extremely great value!

Alex W.

These are the perfect match for Accurascale’s excellent Class 92. I’m very excited to see what’s next, and modern coaches as good as these really make me wonder how good an Accurascale modern multiple unit could be…

Nik A.
Another well designed beautiful set of coaches from Accurascale

I bought this highland pack to compliment with the other accurascale highlander pack. Surely, I'm not disappointed with its good quality product. Thanks to Accurascale.


Amazing coaches

Ian T.
Great Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper Coaches

I generally model the 80's to 90's era so really didn't have the need for these or 92010 really but couldn't resist after a family holiday to Scotland sleeping on them. Having first pre-ordered 92010 I needed no excuse for a rake of Mk5s for it to haul so pre-ordered two different Highlander packs - the range offered was impressive. The overall presentation and fidelity of the models is second to none and must be one of the best modern coaches in 1:76 scale you can currently get. The detailing and finishing is commendable and look great in a long rake. For what you get in my opinion the coach packs offer great value and easy access when compiling a rake though removing the upper plastic protection in the box I found difficult. My preference would have been for the packaging to be smaller i.e. 2 pairs of coaches stacked together in order to store easier. Overall very pleased with them to date and if these are anything to go by am really looking forward to the Mk2Bs.

Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 coaches

Very well detailed and decorated coach models. Hopefully they will run as well as they look.
Prompt response from Accurascale support to an issue with damaged packaging.

Ian G.
Out of Stock-Again.

For ‘Gushing Reviews’ ..Lookelsewhere now! Yeah yeah- Quality.Packaging blah, blah.Did anyone think to compare the number of Caley liveried Class 92,s when they ordered the Mk5,s?
Clearly you should seriously consider assessing the demand and think about a re-issue.I refer ,of course to the subsequent profiteering on eBay. While that may be ‘their decision’ I declined to be fleeced.So while the ‘Review’ of My purchase is notionally ‘Excellent’ the key observation is Demand exceeding Supply leading to this lamentable situation. (Currently we now own as many Caley liveried locomotives as MK5,s!)
Clearly this is an ‘issue’. Would Accurascale care to consider it?

Hi Ian, We produced 1.25x the number of rakes needed for ALL our Class 92's to match - over 20,000 coaches, and preorders have been open for 4 full years.

John W.
Excellent modern day coaches

I didn't get the set I'd have really liked but going on the eBay prices I'm unlikely to get them unless Accurascale do a rerun!

These are more modern stock than I usually go for but I couldn't resist the Scottish connection. The detail is just superb. A weighty coach but understandable at this level of detail. So pleased that I managed to get a set and I will be on the lookout for a second set someday

Graeme J.
Stunning detail at an excellent price

So much detail packed into an excellent coach. A lot of thought and effort into the packaging too. I expected a lot given all the hype in the run up to their release but I was taken aback by really how good they are. A true market leader. Well done Accurascale.

Stephen I.
great product - minor gripes

Coaches look fabulous, paintwork crisp. Interior lighting is very good, correct illumination , not too bright , not too dim. My only gripe and it is small is i have a slight incline on my layout, i bought two packs to run an 8 coach train, the problem is the small magnet coupling are not strong enough to cope and it separates on the incline, I am having to replace the magnet couplings with a larger ( not as pretty) set from another manufacturer.

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