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55003 Meld

Prix ​​d'origine $242.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $378.00
Prix ​​d'origine
$242.00 - $378.00
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55003 – « Fusionner »

  • BR bleu 
  • Code principal : alphanumérique
  • Essuie-glace : deux par vitre
  • Chauffage des trains : ETH
  • Fenêtre latérale cabine avant : présente
  • Position de la corne : haut du nez
  • Écoutilles avant du bac à sable : présentes
  • Ouvertures du compartiment à piles : présentes
  • Phare à haute intensité : non monté
  • Aérateurs de pare-brise : non montés
  • Fer de la lampe centrale supérieure : présent
  • Bogies : fonte

Caractéristiques communes :

  • Modèle à l'échelle OO très détaillé, 1:76.2
  • Châssis en alliage métallique moulé sous pression
  • Fourni prêt DCC [Prise MTX 21 broches] ou son DCC d'usine équipé
  • Détails spécifiques au calendrier, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter :
    • Bogies (moulés et fabriqués)
    • Positions du klaxon
    • Orifices d'échappement
    • Panneaux Headcode
    • Essuie-glaces
    • Vitres latérales de la cabine
    • Hachures du bac à sable
    • Persiennes
    • Phares
    • Évents d'aération de la cabine
    • Équipement de chauffage des trains
    • Fer à repasser
    • Enlever les codes
  • Pièces détaillées en métal gravé et en plastique haute fidélité appliquées séparément, y compris poignées de maintien, marches, essuie-glaces, plaques signalétiques, écussons et plus encore.
  • Attaches mini-tension-lock de hauteur correcte avec prise NEM ainsi qu'une poutre tampon entièrement détaillée
  • Traction haute performance, à inclure ;
    • Moteur à cinq pôles avec deux volants
    • Boîte à engrenages hélicoïdaux en métal pour des performances maximales et un fonctionnement à vitesse lente
    • Engrenage disposé de manière à ce que la locomotive puisse atteindre une vitesse maximale de 120 mph (193 km/h)
    • Compatible DCC avec condensateur PowerPack pour une alimentation ininterrompue
    • Transmission intégrale et ramassage intégral
  • Pack d'éclairage entièrement détaillé, comprenant :
    • Éclairage directionnel, DC et DCC
    • Les feux de position peuvent être éteints lorsque le train est couplé à la locomotive
    • Fonction des phares à haute intensité, le cas échéant
    • Éclairage et éclairage de la cabine commutés séparément, détails de la console du conducteur, arrêt automatique en cas de mouvement
    • Éclairage du compartiment moteur
  • Roues RP25-110 Roues OO avec possibilité de recalibrage à p4 et écartement EM
  • Deux haut-parleurs de qualité avec de grandes capsules sonores pour le meilleur son possible (*sur les modèles équipés de sonorisation)
  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine

Rayon minimum 438 mm (2ème rayon réglé sur la voie)

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Antony B.

Accurascale you have re-written the rule book on how a model locomotive should be produced and presented. If you missed out on the first production run, then I would recommend you get one form the second run, you won't be disappointed.

Paul K.H.
Almost too realistic to be a model at OO gauge!

I'm sure I can't better any of the other very positive reviews about the accuracy, engineering, assembly and finish of this exemplary model - and all at a bargain price compared to other manufacturers at this scale, I missed out on the initial release - so managed to bag Meld from the held back models in case of warranty returns - that instils confidence that there's not been many returns! So refreshing to see a manufacturer offer such a personal service, from ordering, to communication, freepost and tracked courier delivery.
I don't think many can match - let alone beat this level of model and service.

John D.

Amazing detail.

Mark D.
Deltic Delight

Another fantastic model. Good performance and highly detailed. I’m hoping for 022 in a modern condition in a future run.

It`s Good very good. But

After many had shown small parts detached in the New box, I was Happy to see mine was intact in every way, But During the brief testing the NEM coupling would jump coming out of a bend, The sound was impressive but was dogged with the vibration on the roof internal board. This seem to quite a common gripe something I would have thought would have been spotted in production tests, Then I noticed an engine room window had come lose and the only way to repair this is to break the chain from the body to remove it to glue it back, something on a New model I shouldn`t and wasn`t prepared to do, Again the chain attachment was not a great idea. With these issues I returned the Loco for Exchange, It`s still an Impressive model for the money And I have Ordered Two class 37 of the back of this. Even though Accurascale seem to of Had my Deltic longer than I did. As many have said the Detail is great but we have reached the point where it still needs to be robust enough for daily use, But Accurascale Are much more proactive and customer focused than It`s larger rivals Who put there Head in the sand when theres a problem.

David L.D.

lovely model loads of detal normal chains off in transit

Geoff U.
New deltic

So pleased with my purchase of Deltic 55003 Meld. It arrived in perfect condition, well informed progress of its delivery. Quality of this model is astonishing for the price. This perfectly compliments Crepello i already had. Should there be another run I will certainly be purchasing again and so should anyone who missed out this time round. Top class product.

John K.

The loco arrived here all in one piece after a 30,000 mile trip! Runs superb, almost silent. Highly recommended. Thanks guys.

Peter T.
Happy Memories

As an apprentice at Finsbury Park Depot this was the first loco I ever worked on. The detail on this model is exquisite and the cost of obtaining one and sending it to Melbourne Australia was worth every penny. This exceeds my expectations for the detail that has been included in the build. It will be placed in a display cabinet and will be on display in my study Great job and thank you for bringing back a long distant memory.

Steven B.
Short nameplate, sweet locomotive..

This may have been my first white cab roof painted class 55 spotted at Kings Cross. This version in the BR blue style looks the part from every angle, a fine model with great colour rendition.. I wouldn`t mind a model of 55 007 with white cab roofs, that was my first DELTIC for haulage, on a slow line run from Peterborough to Kings Cross. I returned behind 55 002, my last required to see all the class, and in BR blue.. These models really do conjour up those memories. A super model of 55 003...

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