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Mega Mini Delivery Update! Manors, 37s, 21 Tonners, Coil A and Banana Vans

Mega Mini Delivery Update! Manors, 37s, 21 Tonners, Coil A and Banana Vans

We have a pile of new models arriving in the coming weeks, so instead of cluttering up your inbox with multiple emails, we are going to put them together in one large update!

So, read on for the latest news on our second delivery of 78xx Manors, Our last delivery of Class 37s featuring the first five machines built in original condition, our new 21 ton mineral wagons of MDO/MDV TOPS designations, our Coil A wagons and our all new SR Banana vans.

Let's Go!

78xx Manor Locomotives

There has been great hype and buzz about the arrival of our first steam locomotive, the GWR/BR 78xx Manor Class locomotives a couple of weeks ago. Five of the running numbers have arrived, but what about the rest?

Due to further changing of completion schedules by the factory, they have not arrived as soon as we wanted, but we can now confirm that the rest of the Manors are due with us W/C September 25th.

We have a limited amount of the first drop left in stock if you're tempted. Grab them below!

Order Your Manor Here!

Class 37 Locomotives

Our penultimate drop from our first production run of Class 37s, the 37/6 locomotives, are currently being dispatched to customers and retailers across the UK and will continue into next week before all pre-orders are fulfilled.

This leaves the original 5, D6700-D6704 and 37001 as the last of the first production run of Class 37s to be delivered. These have taken longer than anticipated to complete, but we are delighted to report that they are finished and now in transit. We had hoped to transport them by air to mitigate any delays, but due to the commencement of the Christmas shipping season from China, freight rates by air for such a large consignment of products has skyrocketed and not viable. Therefore, they are on the high seas and due to land at port in mid-October.

These locomotives are sold out here at Accurascale, and with most retailers. However, check out our Class 37 page for batch two availability, which is currently in production and due early next year.

Browse The Class 37 Range

21 Ton Mineral (MDO & MDV) & Coil A Wagons

Our second production run of our lovely 21 ton mineral wagons and Coil A steel wagons is now complete and they are also on the high seas, with delivery due in mid October. This also includes our Accurascale Exclusive ZDV engineers wagon.

We still have some packs left on pre-order, with our usual 10% off when you buy two packs or more and free UK postage and packaging. Check them out below!

Browse Our 21 Ton Mineral Wagons

Browse Our Coil A Wagons

SR Banana Vans

Our lovely SR/BR banana vans are also getting closer to production completion, with production due to be complete in 4 weeks' time. Delivery is now slated for the end of this year in Q4.Sound 'A-peeling' to you? Pre-order them below!

Pre-Order Your SR Banana Vans Here

Keep an eye out on the website in the coming weeks for more updates regarding arrivals of other models! 



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