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Class 66 - GBRF BR Green 'Evening Star' - 66779 - DCC Sound Fitted

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Drawing the production line to a close after 18 years and many hundreds of locomotives was 66779. This locomotive was specially finished in British Railways lined green it was to be named “Evening Star”. The loco also carried commemorative bells above the cab windows and a plaque denoting its significance in the Class 66 story. Its appearance reflected that of BR class 9F 92220, Evening Star which famously brought the curtain down for steam production for British Railways. In an unveiling ceremony at York on the 10th May 2016, GBRf CEO, John Smith promised the locomotive to the National Railway Museum when it reaches the end of its expected service life. Still carrying its special BR lined green livery it can be seen working across the country on all manner of GBRf workings.

Our Class 66 model is based on the award winning ‘accura-standard’ platform, with all-wheel powered six-axle bogies, a powerful twin flywheel fitted motor and market leading electronics package.


Highly detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2 scale

  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Die-cast metal chassis.
  • RP25-110 profile OO wheels
  • Separately applied etched metal/plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers, etc.
  • Scale width wire handrails
  • Full underframe tank detail with brackets and pipework
  • Fully sprung buffers, factory-fitted pipework and screw couplings (for display)
  • Dummy knuckle couplers fitted where relevant
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height and mini-tension-lock couplers
  • “Easi-mag” lift off roof panel to access the decoder and DC light switches

Deluxe Features

  • PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • Customised Dual-Speaker Technology with large ‘Accurathrash’ Style Bass Speaker and smaller 'iphone' style cube for higher frequencies (on DCC Sound-fitted models only)
  • Hall sensor for flange squeal effect (on DCC Sound-fitted models only)

DCC Features

  • DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • DCC ready [21-Pin MTX Socket] or factory-fitted with Original ESU LokSound 5 Decoder options

High Performance Traction features

  • Five-Pole motor with two flywheels
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve minimum scale top speed of 75 mph (120kph)
  • All wheel drive and all wheel pickup

    Fully detailed Lighting Pack features
  • Directional lighting, DC and DCC
  • Switchable Red and white marker lights with day/night options
  • Separately switched cab lighting, auto/off on movement

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

This is an amazing loco.

Andy D.
Chuffed to Bits with Evening Star!

I am delighted to get my hands on this exclusive and historical model and my first impressions are this is ging to be a favourite runner for many years. I had the crew well before my loco arrived and this will add to the detail the model possesses. It programmed flawlessly and the sound file is exceptional.
Congratulations Accurascale on hitting a high spot and keep up the great work you do.

T H.
Class 66 66779 Evening Star

Great model and top sound.

Scott C.
Best in the class

Another beautiful 66 from Accurscale. When the spares came up I couldn’t resist myself and grab my 5th.

Does not disappoint, the livery and detail on the loco are crisp, the running performance is super and the sound plus lights just round off what may just be the best OO scale locomotive I have ever seen.

Trevor P.
66779 Evening Star

Another excellent Accurascale model. Great detail, flawless livery application and runs smoothly out of the box, right down to a crawl with none of the flaws of its Hattons predecessor.


Beautiful model

Kym N.
Superb model

I have yet to run this, pending fixing my layout wiring, but Evening Star is a superb model that now has pride of place in my display cabinet. I am certain that its performance will be as good as its looks.

Donald R.
My Accurascale 66 Experience

Dear Accurascale.
Thank you for your e-mail I am sorry for taking so long to reply as I have been going through eye surgery recently.
I purchased 4 of your class 66s with sound fitted 66779 Evening Star 66769, GBRf Prostrate Cancer, 66415 Freightliner Orange and 66004 Climate Hero Green. All loco’s were excellent although ACC 2648 66004 Climate Hero did have a part missing on the front end that seems to be unique on this loco it’s the very small square part at the top of the apex on the front next to the horns. Looking on the spare parts sheet it is listed as part 140 I don’t know what this does on the loco in real life.
Also I had to change all the Couplings for Hornby one’s because the actual hooks on your couplings were slightly longer than couplings fitted to Hornby and Bachmann rolling stock and when they were on second radius curves they pushed the wagons off the track have you experienced this.
Yours faithfully Don Robson.

Ian T.
Great Customer service for “Evening Star”

There have been a few excellent reviews about the Class 66 Evening Star but I just wanted to give a review of the excellent customer service I received as well. I had to delay the delivery of my class 66 as we were going to be away. I contacted Accurascale to explain the situation and my delivery was put on hold for my planned date, the model duly arrived on the planned date, happy days.
So thank you and well done to the admin and delivery team at Accurascale great service and of course a beautiful model.


Absolutely amazing best 00 locomotive on the market at present

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