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Class 55 - P4 / 18.83 mm Gauge Drop-In Wheel Sets

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Scalefour SocietyP4 / 18.83 mm Gauge Drop-In Wheel Sets suitable for the Accurascale Deltic Class 55 locomotive.

  • Pack of 6 precision CNC machined axles and insulated wheels
  • 1:76.2 Scale
  • 18.83mm Gauge
  • Ready to fit to your accurascale Deltic
  • Fully compatible with Scalefour Society Standards

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Deltic P4 wheel set for Irish A class

I used the Deltic P4 wheel set to change the gauge of my CIE A class model to a scale 5'3". It worked perfectly. They are very nearly spot on for 3'2" wheels.

Jon P.
Deltic / Class 55 P4 wheel change

Not quite as quick as an F1 team, but not far short! By far the quickest and easiest way to an RTR P4 locomotive. Here's hoping that all Accurascale diesel and electric locos are as easy to convert.


Terrific price and superb quality

Tim L.
Dabbling with P4

Having bought a P4 exhibition layout recently, I thought I'd experiment with changing some existing locos to 18.83mm gauge, and was very pleasantly surprised to find wheelsets for the Deltic available and in stock (ditto from SLW for their 24s). Fitting them was a doddle - highly recommended and bravo Accurascale for making them available.

While the tight clearances in the trackwork and the "correct" wheel spacing do look superb, I suspect the the sheer cost of regauging large amounts of stock to P4 will however keep this project at the dabbling level !

Michael P.
P4 Deltic wheels

Congratulations on Accurascale producing these. Hopefully more can be added to the range.

Class 55 - P4 / 18.83 mm Gauge Drop-In Wheel Sets

I ordered two sets of P4 wheelsets, but the order was incorrectly dispatched with one set of P4 wheels and the other a set of EM wheels. The excellent Accurascale support team was on the case, and a replacement set very quickly.

The wheels themselves look to be of good quality, but you must note they are undersize to match the existing 00 wheels. I wish they offered a set of scale sized wheels as well as the undersized ones.

David P.
Deltic P4 Wheelsets

They look fine but are still in their packaging awaiting fiting. I am sure they will be perfect when I get a round tuit.

Sean W.
Accurascale P4 replacement wheelsets 3' 7" EE standard class 20, 37, 50 and 55.

Very good wheelsets that appear very similar to the SLW Class 24. Concentricity spot on and 90 dregrees true to axle. I used spare Bachmann diesel bogie bearings plus Peco 2mm. fibre washers to remove side 2 side oscillation. Tyre profile no problem but I did in fact swap each wheel for an Ultrascale P4 scale 3' 7" wheel and am currently lowering the body a tadge to bring the body and bogie frames closer. My end to end trainset has no curvature under 4' radius otherwise I would have used the undersized wheels supplied but I,m sure I wii find a use for them! All in all a perfectly good wheel in all respects for 18.83mm. gauge. P4 wheels might be nice sideline for all your and other manufactores stock. Good work!

Andrew H.
Deltic P4 drop-in wheel set

As Mark said, they are well made and excellent quality. I too am surprised there is no control of side play even if only on the four outer axles.
I am currently awaiting the DCC sound decoder and speaker so I only have to disconnect the chains once in order to install DCC, P4 wheels, crew and headcodes.

Mark H.
Drop in P4 wheels Deltic

The P4 wheels supplied are well made and square to the axle. They wheels are slightly under size by 1.5mm to accommodate tight curves in the same way as the pre fitted OO wheels. The only thing which surprised me was the lack of spacers between the back of the wheels and the bearings so the wheels are only prevented from sliding sideways by rubbing on the inside of the bogie frames. This could cause the model to hunt so I may remedy this in future. However RTR drop in wheels are a welcome first.

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